Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Via the irreplaceable Rocking Vicar comes this odd and rather beautiful little film. It’s a music video, but the song is a complete nonentity—you could watch it with the sound turned down. In fact, I recommend it. Clip is Not Safe For Work, but there’s nothing leering about it; It’s warm and funny and ultimately celebratory.

And above all, it’s human. It reminded me strongly of—God, I’m embarrassed to even mention this, because I am so not the porn type (he said, unconvincingly), especially not the celebrity stuff—but last year somebody put out a version of the Colin Farrell / Nicole Narain sex tape with—and this is the genius part—all the actual sex edited out, and, gosh, I just thought it was cuter than a basket full of puppies. (The video has since been removed: worksafe transcript here.)

There’s something sweet and sorta poignant about these two attractive, slightly dim people who really seem to like each other, making inarticulate post-coital small talk. These are human beings at their least guarded, and they seem so vulnerable—even Farrell’s bluster seems a cover for shyness.

And when Narain’s face lights up as Farrell tells her she’s pretty, my heart kind of breaks a little. Human after all. Our common glory. Our common disaster.

Friday, March 24, 2006

When Sorrow Comes On Crow-Black Wings

For my dear friends the Magazine Man and his lovely bride, in these days of anguish: something I wrote a number of years ago.

Cold comfort, I suppose. But then, all comforts are cold, when you really need them.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Through The Western Lands

I have neither time nor means to become an mp3blog at this late stage of the game, but: In the wake of last week's season premiere of The Sopranos, I've been getting a shedload of hits from people seeking the music used in the opening montage and closing credits. So, as a public service to Sopranos fans:

Material featuring William S. Burroughs — "Seven Souls"

YouSendIt link good for seven days or thirty downloads, whichever comes first, so grab it quick. Bada bing, bada boom.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

My Druthers

At my command, the entire Internet will be placed immediately on a 72-hour lockdown whilst I travel the world over administering savage punitive beatings.

You have been warned.