Wednesday, April 11, 2001

Allow me a brief shining moment of auto-hype:

I’ve had an e-mail from artist Brian LaFramboise, who I know from our days with Arch-Type Studios. Brian is currently drawing my five pages from the collaborative comics story “Run,” an exquisite corpse-style project that will appear later this Spring on Opi8.

I’m dying to see this—not least because I don’t know how it ends! I wrote the third section of a five-part story, which was a marvelous challenge—I had to start resolving and fleshing out some of the stuff from the setup, while threading in new mysteries and monkey-wrenches for the writers who got it next. I wanted to leave the subsequent writers with problems to solve, but in order to play fair, I had to make them soluble problems: thus I wrote them with solutions of my own in mind, solutions which almost certainly will not make it into the final story.

The funny thing is, my fellow writers and I have never discussed the story: it was forbidden, as part of the rules of the original game—but now that the script is written and with the artist, we’ve never spoken of it. Not for lack of opportunity—we’ve all got each other’s e-mail addresses, and most of us frequent Warren Ellis’s Delphi Forum (Chad Ward, who runs Opi8, is also webmaster for—but it’s almost like the game is still going on, and won’t be done until the final story is up on the Opi8 website. I’m sure we’ll discuss it then: but for now, it’s all delicious anticipation.

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