Saturday, June 23, 2001

Nobody Ever Got Rejected by a DVD

If you have not yet done so, read Graeme’s article “Porno People,” which nicely reflects many of my feelings about the subject. Then read this friendly message from the folks of the porn industry, courtesy of the hardworking joes at Moden Humorist:

“Many young people today are turning to sex as a recreational activity. ... [But] intercourse is far too dangerous for the layman to participate in. We all enjoy a visit to the circus, but that doesn’t mean we should get into the cage with the tiger! Like skydiving or high-wire walking, sex is something best left for trained performers — professionals who have honed and surgically altered their bodies for use in the pornographic arts.

“Take for instance, my good friend Kitten St. Croix...”

Funny, terrifying, and wince-inducingly accurate.

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