Saturday, April 03, 2004

Show Don't Tell

So. Remember that gig I've got at the mental hospital? And how I said you'd be hearing about it here? Well. It's tonight. And you won't: not exactly, anyway.

Introducing [ acoustic eclectica ], a companion blog to this one, and the new home of my online gig diary. At this URL you'll find past and future gig notes, set lists, and musings on performance and songwriting. The majority of what's there now is repurposed material from this blog, but going forward I'll be keeping cross-posting to a minimum.

Why a new blog? Part of it is a functional thing, and an extension of how I organize my thoughts and writings in meatspace. I've never been one to keep a single diary: at any given time I'll have six or seven notebooks running, including but not limited to a work journal, film notebook, reading notebook, dream journal, sketchbook, and journal of spiritual exercises. Doing the same thing in the etherverse just feels right.

But frankly, my primary motives are mercenary: the plan is to use the BlogSpot page as a promotional tool until such time as I get my own domain runningĂ‚—to have a one-stop URL where interested parties (i.e., bookers and folks on the mailing list I plan to set up) can check out musical musings and info on upcoming gigs, without having to wade through this blog's usual blather about parenting, politics, and intestinal gas. Give the people what they want, maaan.

Hey, I've always been a sell-out: I just could never find anybody who was buying, dig?

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