Monday, September 13, 2004

Études (An Introduction, of Sorts)

Haven't exactly been neglecting the blog, of late—the last week saw an uptick in posts—but the actual writing of them has been something of a struggle. The words are coming slowly, amid clouds of second-guessing; quotes and links and reworkings of message-board posts have been useful crutches (they always are), but I miss the flow. It's not like Writer's Block, where you're pushing and pushing against the immovable; it's more like trying to run wind-sprints in gumboots—you've got freedom of motion, to an extent, but you just can't work up the velocity.

I am looking to remedy that. Like the Boy Fly, I find the quickest way to jumpstart the process is to write about music. To this end, a fistful of short tuneful jots this week.

Ten-finger exercises. I ask you, Constant Reader, to indulge me, if you will.

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