Friday, December 10, 2004

Looking for a Well-Done Webcomic?

Pleasingly designed. Gorgeously rendered. Mad as a bag of ferrets.

Fanfic and doujinshi: Is this stuff the Outsider Art of the information age? One of the characteristics of genuine Outsider work is that its makers have no access to the art world as a system. But with the Web as the great leveler—JoJo McMadbastard’s website is every bit as visible as the MoMA’s, and may get just as many hits (maybe more, if it’s BoingBoinged or Slashdotted)—is anybody truly “outside” anymore?

I have to wonder—given that this guy is drawing at or near a professional level—is he getting offers of work? Or worse (but somehow, I think, more likely), turning them down to leave him more time to concentrate on his passion for the bleedin’ Powerpuff Girls?

Meanwhile, I still can’t find anybody to draw one of my scripts. Out in the world there is talent to burn.

And fandom is the fire in which so much talent goes—whoosh!—up in smoke.

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