Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Fried in Maggoty Butter

Check it! Somebody found my blog using this search criterion. Now, because the search was formatted oddly (they screwed the pooch with that opening smart-quote), they got some vague, random hits—but man, I totally know that song!

Well, the first verse and chorus anyway:

I’se the b’y that builds the boat, and I’se the b’y that sails her
I’se the b’y that catches the fish and brings ‘em home to Liza!

Hip your partner, Sally Tibbs! Hip your partner, Sally Brown!
(something something ya-ta-ta) Harbour, all around the circle!

The missing words are place names—in Newfoundland, I think. I know the tune (which I learned from the singing of John Langstaff) off by heart, but I’m a wee bit hazy on the geography references.

I could Google it, I suppose. But somehow that seems to miss the point, don’cha think?


Oh, all right.

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