Saturday, September 02, 2006


It was immediately clear that Lee Siegel was not the man for the job. Renowned critic and essayist? Yes. Very bright guy? Sure. But those bona fides were beside the point. After only a few weeks on the job as culture blogger for the new, comments-enabled New Republic Online, it was obvious that Siegel was temperamentally unsuited to his new gig.

His writing style—imperious, condemnatory, contemptuous—wasn’t necessarily a deal-breaker; indeed, it suits him well in print, where he can issue lofty, often amusingly-wrong statements from the safe perch of his high horse. But when thrust into the rough-and-tumble world of blogging, where his holy opinions could be instantly (and violently) refuted throughout the blogosphere and indeed on his very site, he reacted as any self-regarding academic would: he freaked right the fuck out. His skin was too thin; he bled, and proved himself a prick.

Even so, even so; Who would’ve thought that Lee Siegel would end up getting shitcanned from TNR for using a sock puppet?

What’s that sound?



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