Friday, January 12, 2007

How Emo Am I?



Sliced my dominant hand a treat last night with the new mandoline; managed not to bleed too much into the curried vegetable bake for which I was slicing potatoes.

The chop went a good half-centimeter into my fingertip; it’s got some color back this morning, but the edges of the wound are still looking pretty gray. I’m seeing my doctor this afternoon to determine whether we need to stitch or, worse, snip.

The need to treat my wounded hand gingerly, and to do most things with my dumb hand, has left me feeling helpless and pathetic. It’s a good thing I don’t injure myself too much (never broken a bone, still have my tonsils ad appendix), because I’m a terrible patient.

Stupid bastard hand. My typing is all screwed up.

Looking at this photo, though, more than anything I'm appalled by the coffee spilled on the lid of the sugar bowl.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

....and I'm appalled by the USED TOOTHPICK LYING ON THE COUNTER!!!!
I give up.