Saturday, February 24, 2007

40x365: An Introduction

So the way it works is this. I’ve been breathing it in and out for forty years, and I’ve met a lot of folks along the way—at least 365 of them. And this little blog initiative, inspired by Dan Waber’s original 40x365 project, is where I talk about some of them. Forty words: Anne Lamott’s one-inch window. Not building a monument, but making a brick.

The rules:

  • Only people I’ve met in meatspace, and by “met” I mean interacted with. Shaking hands with a guy after a show or at a book signing? Not so much. Exchanging letters after meeting at a book signing? Yeah, that counts.

  • No real names. Partly for plausible deniability in case of potential embarrassment, and partly because it amuses me to come up with pseuds and nicknames for everybody. No exceptions for celebrities and public figures, either; this is a democratic project.

  • I cannot promise to always be kind, but I’ll try to be sweet.

  • No particular order.

And... go.

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