Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Workout Wednesday: 124 BPM (Mystic Rhythms)

(What is Workout Wednesday?)

Week 2, and we’re back on the StairMaster. There are tribal drums and trance beats, a pan-cultural orgy of percussion to make you levitate. There’s also Rush and Phil Collins-era Genesis. Shut up, it’s good.

124 bpm 2: Mystic Rhythms

Dubtribe Sound System
Mystic Rhythms Rush
Dream Thrum – James
The Brazilian – Genesis
The Blood of Christ – The Cure
Tomorrow Never KnowsThe Beatles
Halloween Hossam Ramzy
Ladyboy – The Church
Tokoloshe ManHappy Mondays
The Pan WithinThe Waterboys

Tech specs: some minor adjustments to tempos; “Dream Thrum” pitch-shifted down a half-step; and the entire mix was run through a special credibility-dehancing filter. (It’s good, shut up, why won’t you believe me?).

Download this mix (45:35, 41.7 megs: YouSendIt link good until 14 February).

[ MP3 expired - so sorry ]

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