Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Workout Wednesday: 130 BPM (Desire Caught By The Tail)

(What is Workout Wednesday?)

A little something to get your heart pumping on Valentine’s Day. Good for the arc trainer, and not an embarrassing band in sight. (We-e-e-e-e-ell...)

130 bpm 2: Desire Caught By The Tail
Baby I’m Hurtin’The Chap
BeatlemaniaNew Fast Automatic Daffodils
Dreams – The Cranberries
The Swing – INXS
Fleur de LieSlow Dazzle
Castles In SpainThe Armoury Show
Would I Lie To You?Eurythmics
Popozuda Rock ‘n’ RollEdu K
The Operation – Charlotte Gainsbourg
StayThe Blue Nile
I Want You –Elastica
(cooldown) Bonnie et Clyde – Belinda Carlisle

Not a lot of technical jiggery-pokery on this one, and not a lot that needs justification. Some people want to fill the world with silly love songs: What’s wrong with that?

[ MP3 expired - so sorry ]


KFarmer said...

Hey Jack- tried to down load your tunes (they are great) but my old computer just does not want to oblige- Any ideas other than tossing it out the window and letting a semi run over it?

Jack Feerick said...

Hm. What happened after you clicked through to YouSendIt?

Jack Feerick said...

Okay: I think what's going on is that YouSendIt lets you download smaller files without registration; but to get huge files like these mixes, you need to sign up. All they need is a name and a valid e-mail, and you can opt out of spam.

Now, if this is a huge issue for people, I could set up a dummy account y'all could use to sign in. I'm considering that option, but I worry about the possibility of people abusing it.

Alternatively, all my adoring fans could just send me money so I can buy some webspace to host these mp3s...