Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Crock

Well, that didn’t take long. The fine folks at Podbean have, erm, restructured their service model, imposing a cutoff size of 30 MB per file (in terms of a decent-quality MP3, about a half-hour) for free accounts.

I’m not surprised, actually. I can only guess at Podbean’s bandwidth costs, but they must be enormous. No startup can bleed cash indefinitely.

Anywez, the upshot is this: to continue either of my podcasts—both of which typically clock in at 45 minutes plus—I need to either pony up for a couple of paid accounts, or find another free host. Paid accounts are pretty cheap, but frankly I don’t need the hassle right now.

So: while short audio may continue to be an irregular feature here, the Mixtape Monday and Workout Wednesday features are hereby suspended indefinitely. Much to the disappointment of no one.


KFarmer said...

I know from reading you have "stuff" going on but any idea when you will continue the story? Just asking and wondering :)

Congrats on the new abode- wishing you many, many hours of bliss while on your happy deck watching each season swell and ebb before you. :)

Jack Feerick said...

This week or next, K. Ironically, it's been less the endless moving and unpacking that's been keeping me from getting back to The Honeythief—it's been an influx of paid freelance writing. Which is great, but leaves me with very few braincells at the end of the day.

But yeah. Should be soon.