Sunday, October 28, 2007

Mixtape Mojo, Game 4—Hurry On, Boys

It’s looking increasingly like it’s gonna be a sweep; after last night’s barnburner, with Daisuke—Daisuke, of all people!—smashing in a pair of ribbies, and despite Tito’s inexplicable decision to bench Youk (Papi acquitted himself fine at 1B, but it was obvious his knee was killing him; I’d have thought that the NL’s no-DH policy would provide a perfect opportunity to let the poor man get some rest, rather than aggravate his injury. And really, what’s to gain by favoring Ortiz over Youkilis? Youk is very nearly the hitter that Papi is—in fact I’d aver that he’s got an even better eye—and with Ellsbury in for Crisp the line-up is hardly lacking in bats anyway), it looks like the Sox are all but anointed.

And y’know what? That makes me kinda sad.

I find myself almost hoping for the Sox to lose two in Denver, just so they can clinch the Series at home, with Schilling on the mound. Which is an odd thing to be hoping.

So maybe this mixtape, which assumes and celebrates a Red Sox sweep, will work a reverse mojo and ensure a tactical retreat (i.e., a loss) tonight. And maybe I won’t live to regret being uncareful in what I wish for.

Listen here, download and get the tracklisting at Podbean; feel free to give me some love.

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