Monday, June 16, 2008


Filling in the gaps, like.

What I Have Been Doing Since Last We Spoke:

  1. working an evening job

  2. doing volunteer work for the church

  3. walking with this magnificent creature four or five times a day

  4. writing a couple of pieces for a major national market

  5. researching a piece for a key local market

  6. working up a bunch of stuff for Popdose

  7. cheering at band concerts and tee-ball games

  8. reading everything

  9. fighting a lingering rhinovirus

  10. beginning to frame everything as a sales problem

What I Have Not Been Doing Since Last We Spoke:

  1. getting enough sleep

  2. working on The Honeythief

  3. being dead

1 comment:

not supergirl said...

Very glad you haven't been being dead. Keep not being dead, OK?