Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I was there, I lived through it, and watching it on the teevee I can still hardly believe it.

That Final Jeopardy wager, by the way? Totally a math error on my part. In case you're wondering.

Real content coming soon. Ish.


Suldog said...

Yes, I was TOTALLY convinced that you had lost your mind.

"He has a runaway game and he bets WHAT?"

Glad to here you aren't actually insane.

Suldog said...

"Hear", not here. Damn.

Anonymous said...

Yay for Jack! We've been watching, and rooting for you!

(I almost fell off my tuffet when I realized it was YOU on Jeopardy!)

Thim :)

photowoman said...

Well, I HAD to write today... I just got off the phone with "Steve Soul" who told me the "news of your fame". We had a great old hoot and Aussie Jonno is quite impressed by your genius (but perhaps he may fear it encroaches upon his own mental prowess).

I called my mother, an avid fan of "the show" and asked her if she knew who the champion was right now. She said:

"Oh yes, this wonderful stray puppy of a fellow. I REALLY like him. He does all these crazy bets and is quite unconventional. I think he was fired from his job for being too scruffy. He still looks scruffy. I've been talking to him on the tv for a couple of days now and want him to keep winning...blah, blah, blah (she continued to drool over you)"

Well, I said, mom I know why you like him. You used to watch him regularly as the funniest of the cast. He's the third comedian.

I had to drop the phone away from my ear by about 20 yards because she was so loudly happy for you! "I always liked that boy", she said.

Anyway, we'll be tuning in at 3:30 today in St. Louis.


your fan...