Tuesday, February 24, 2009

More Gigantic Than Usual


Forty-two years above ground; and out of that, fifteen minutes of fame. Seems like a reasonable ratio, to me.

However, in the interest of squeezing a sixteenth minute out of this, I want to share with y’all an early birthday gift, prepared for me by World’s Best Brother-In-Law Jeff, whose mad DJ skizzills let no man doubt, nor woman neither. The source sounds may seem a bit … familiar.

Jeff first played this for me at a party over the weekend, and I laughed so hard that a slice of birthday cake shot out my nose. (Well, practically.) Unlike most things of this kind, it actually gets funnier the more you listen to it.

Now, this probably violates dozen different copyright laws, so it would probably be wrong for me to encourage you to go here and download this mp3, so as to disseminate this far and wide; so by no means do I exhort you hereby to do so. Nope.

Peter Gabriel probably regrets making all those backing tracks available to remixers, now.

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