Friday, May 15, 2009

Dancing On A Pinhead

Hello, precious Internet friends. How’ve you been?

It’s been a curious and action-packed couple of weeks for us, and I’ll happily provide details—with photos and everything!—once I’ve written my way out of this hole in which I seem to find myself.

In the meantime, have a column. In fact, have two. In the first—in case you missed it last week, circumstances rendering me unable to flog it as usual—we confront the existential horror that is Hannah Montana; in the latest, we thank Satan for the utter lack of self-awareness and humor that make Heavy Metal the most mockable of genres. Honestly, if Ronnie James Dio gave any sign of knowing just how ridiculous he looks, I’d be looking elsewhere for column-fodder.

This column also gave me an excuse for a link and a shout-out to the always-worthwhile Andrew Weiss, whose Armagideon Time blog is truly a gift that keeps on giving, day in, day out. That’s the best part of any writing gig—the opportunity to hype people who deserve it.

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