Friday, January 29, 2010

Blind But Now I See

Sometimes we get religion; sometimes religion gets us. And sometimes it happens to the most unlikely people. Another weird tale from the casefiles of How Bad Can It Be?

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Suldog said...

Excellent review, of both the album and the career.

Blackie Lawless has always been a fascinating sort of character to me, mostly because of some of the career statistics you cite. I've always been drawn to such partially successful performers - Iggy Pop (and, of course, The Stooges); Budgie; Dust; King Diamond, perhaps. - who had some marvelous ideas, here and there, but who seemed intent on making every mistake possible so as not to realize the potential of those ideas, or who never realized which ideas were the good ones and which were execrable.

Disclaimer: I am not blind to the fact that my own life could be given the same liner notes :-)