Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Don't Ever Forget

In other news, the problems of rich white people are so much unspeakably worse than everybody else's. As always.

“Did you see Babies?” asks Lois Nachamie, a couples counselor who for years has run parenting workshops and support groups on the Upper West Side. She’s referring to the recent documentary that compares the lives of four newborns—one in Japan, one in Namibia, one in Mongolia, and one in the United States (San Francisco). “I don’t mean to idealize the lives of the Namibian women,” she says. “But it was hard not to notice how calm they were. They were beading their children’s ankles and decorating them with sienna, clearly enjoying just sitting and playing with them, and we’re here often thinking of all of this stuff as labor.”
Yes. Labor. I feel something, some deep emotion stirring within me; I haven't a heart of stone, you know. I am moved, much as Oscar Wilde was by the death of Little Nell.

Google it your damn self.

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