Monday, May 06, 2013

Hey, y'all.

So I'm rearranging the furniture a little bit. I've started a work blog over here, where the gig diary used to be, to track my new and upcoming projects. For day-to-day blather, I'm pretty active on Twitter, so feel free to say Hi and follow, if you'd like.

Not sure what I'm going to do with this place, to be honest. It's mostly just collecting comment spam for boner pills now; and I've got to wonder how long Google will continue to support the Blogger platform anyway. The model seems, if not actually dead, then certainly dying.

This is the curse of being a consistently late adopter — getting onboard with a service just as it inevitably begins to crumble under the weight of its own limitations. Sometimes I feel like a harbinger of the apocalypse; as soon as I get into something, it goes away.

That's why I'm still not on Facebook — as a mercy to all of you who are. Because I would kill it for sure.

Anyway. Now you know where to find me; I'll see you around, maybe.

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