Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Sacked With References

I don’t update this blog very often anymore, but a few people a week do still visit it — usually when they are searching for something else. I’ve got a widget set up that gives me my site referrals, which are the search terms that lead visitors to this page, and they are a source of constant joy.

You can reach this site, for instance, by typing big billfold that says giants on it into your search engine. You’ll be disappointed to find that this is not an online shopping portal for football-related memorabilia — but you can do it.

Or you can search for Theme to Ironside chords, and somehow end up here. Or for what is a four-letter word for a dry riverbed? (Wash, for the record, or in case this dude is still working on his crossword puzzle, two years later.)

Those, at least, make some kind of sense. But some of you people on the Internet, man, some of you people, and some of the things you search for… you make me wonder, is all.

other words that mean  giant
I think the word you really need to learn is “thesaurus.”

Her eyes were lowered she was breathing heavily. A tendril of hair was bothering her right eye. She was trying to move it but the wind was strong
Don’t stop now! For God’s sake, don’t stop! It’s just getting good!

"feast or famine" marimba
It’s like waiting for a bus with those damned marimbas; nothing for hours, then two or three turn up all at once...

shrek during dinner tab for marimba
See? What did I tell you?

how to play in the guitar-upside down-jack Johnson
Start by getting out of the guitar, then turn yourself right side up. The rest is easy.

Man A man B and man C. Man A gets on a bus followed by man B. Man A gets off at an empty bus stop and walks down a dark alleyway. There man B kills him, cuts off his arm, wr
Wait, I know this one... “What is the bus driver’s name,” right?

Jack and  come back,  can hardly believe that there really is a  up in the . Jack meanly tells  to go check for himself, hoping he will get hurt.  Explains
It’s the Beast, Piggy.

rael  gost  pictuers
Three-word query, three misspellings — we have the trifecta!

www. picture'sof grasshoppers.com
Oh, you’ll have to try a little harder than that.

www.gost are rael.com
What? You again?

are gost rael
Okay — dude, here’s a Pro Tip: The problem with your search string is not the order of the words.

how can i make a ladie giant so she can let me sleep on her tougue
Ah, Internet. Your capacity for both misspelling and perversion never disappoints.
Also, ewwwww.

80's song radio yuh yuh yuh yuh yuh yuh
The saddest thing? I think I know which song they mean.

more lies from the hive mind that seek to deceive
America! Neon lobster telephone!

killer wake in the evening, killer walk outside. When she comes divided, she really comes alive?
Now you’re just creeping me out, guys.

body should stay whole" then the people die
Seriously, man, cut it out.

killer clown girl stone cold lover in the snow covered peaks
Come on guys this isn’t funny any more

fear before the march of flames-the always open mouth

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