Monday, April 19, 2004

Too Big For Your Britches

Read an interview with Kevin Sorbo some years ago, wherein he carped about the awkward tonnage of the braided-leather kecks he wore as Hercules. "It's hard to do the high kicks in those twenty-pound pants," or somesuch.

And at the risk of going all Dave Barry on you, I immediately thought, "That would be an excellent name for a rock band."

A moment's reflection, however, and I realized that the name wouldn't translate properly overseas: in the UK, Twenty Pound Pants would be redolent of pricey underwear. A valid image, perhaps, but not the one I wanted to convey.

So Twenty Pound Pants became Ten Kilo Trousers, which is just as good, if not better, in a "Nine Inch Nails" kind of way. (We could tour together. 8 Eyed Spy could open.)

Imagine my disappointment when I went looking for links to verify the Sorbo quote, and found that the breeches in question weighed only twelve pounds.

I can't help feeling I've been leder-hosed.

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