Sunday, April 18, 2004

Valhalla, I Am Coming

My current obsession:

The drawing doesn't do the real thing justice—the oars, the billowing sails, the intricate knotwork on the prow, the colorful shields along the gunwales, the sheer scale of its construction.

Beautiful to look at, but a bastard to fly; heavy (almost two pounds), with an odd profile—not quite a frame kite, not quite a box kite—and the "hull" catches the breeze in all the wrong ways. I reckon we'll need a rock-steady, stiff breeze to really make her sail. My attempts thus far have reminded me of erectile dysfunction—i.e., I can't keep it up for more than three minutes.

I've christened her Skidbladnir, and so help me Odin, when we get her skyward I'm gonna be so-o-o-o tempted to deck out her tail with knives and go out looking for challenges. A rig this badass was made for the seedy underground kite-fighting circuit.


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