Tuesday, September 14, 2004

...But the Little Girls Understand

Having heard a handful of tracks from The Go! Team, god damn I'm jonesing to hear more. They're one of those great Pop Unclassifiables, who send all the cognoscenti scrambling to their record collections looking for some unlikely combination of antecedents that will somehow explain the band's existence. The pundits never quite get it, do they? Not the way the kidz do.

But it occurs to me—with their mysterioso image-making, spacy guitars, piano, urgent brass, oddball found-sound vocals, rough, martial drumming, and general anthemic air—The Go! Team are Godspeed You! Black Emperor, distilled to three-minute pop blasts, complete with oddly-placed exclamation point, but with the addition of—holy shit!—a sense of humor.

This would be the Bizarro World GY!BE, then.

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