Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Hallow Hallow Hallow (Wot’s All This Then?)

So the chewy nougat centerpiece of the Kid Calendar has come and gone again. The Boy continued his run through the icons of DC’s Silver Age (The Flash last year, Superman in ‘03) and got himself tricked out as The Goddamn Batman.

I think he chose the costume mostly so he could run around the house to the strains of Link Wray’s version of the famous theme song. But before he could make his crime-fighting debut—more properly, on the way to his Pre-K class Hallowe’en party—he missed a step and took a spill. The damage: a ripped costume, bloody knees, and two scraped-up palms.

Playing Hurt

(Weirdly, something very similar happened with Claire years ago: she was running to catch the bus on Class Picture Day—she was in kindergarten, I think—and she fell on the sidewalk, blowing both knees out of her tights and tearing herself up pretty good. We took her home, cleaned her up, and drove her to school. In her class photo, you can see the Band-Aids through her fresh white stockings.)

Straight through the door, we met—Batman. The movie version, that is. The other kid, Joey, had the grace not to get upset. Sam, Joey said, was dressed as “the real Batman.” Grace and wisdom.

And Sam’s best buddy, Ariana? Who was she this year?

World's Finest

But of course.

Ariana was an exception, though. For the rest of the girls, it was Princess à Go-Go. I guess it’s a developmental stage—but man, the place was lousy with tulle.

Even though Sam was dressed as Batman, he retained the speed of the Flash. In fact, he was faster than my flash: I swear, when I clicked the shutter to grab a picture of these girls in their princess outfits, he was nowhere in sight—but somehow he managed to dash into the frame with time to spare for striking an heroic pose:

Camera Hog 1

Holy Olivier, Batman! There’s a crime in progress—someone keeps stealing the scene! He did it at home, too:

Camera Hog 2

Right out of nowhere. It was kind of eerie.

Claire’s outfit emerged at the last minute. As usual, she dithered about what she wanted to be—for a while she was thinking Invader Zim, or Jack Spicer from Xiaolin Showdown (she’s got a thing for the bad boys). Then, with only days to go before the holiday and still no decision, I casually suggested that she could explore her Heart of Darkness by goth-ing it up. And boy, did she ever.

Sister of Mercy

The scariest thing is that this costume came together mostly out of stuff we already had lying around the house. Still, it was all tongue in cheek and good fun. Really.

The Album Cover

Shit, I should just save time and buy her a copy of Floodland right now, shouldn’t I?

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