Friday, January 19, 2007

Fiction Fridays: An Introduction

Writing, of course, is how I make my living. And while it is primarily magazine writing that lines the pockets of my cloth-of-gold trousers with hundred-dollar bills—those pockets that are not already lined with finest mink, at least—I’m trying to stay busy in other avenues as well. To that end, there are a couple of book proposals (both fiction and non-) that I’ve been knocking together in between paying gigs.

Fiction, though, is immersive—and lately it’s become an all-or-nothing proposition; that is, I’m finding it hard to return to fiction after a bout of service journalism. The purpose of this initiative, then, is to compartmentalize my mind—to keep one lobe focused on these worlds I’m building, even while the rest of my writing-brain is engaged in dealing with the outside world and the stories to be found there (as it is right now, for instance). The idea is that, if I keep the pot bubbling by thinking on what I’ve already done, it will be easier to pick up where I left off when my schedule clears.

So I’ll be posting short chunks of longer works (sometimes works-in-progress), and I’ll be doing it once a week. On Fridays. Yeah.

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