Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Casey At The—What?

Bad enough the Sox are getting’ clobbered in the League championships; but my God! Could Casey Blake—already ridiculous in his mountain-man beard—possibly be any less articulate? Why didn’t the Indians just go ahead and actually hire Boomhauer?

Ding dang ole Tim Wakefield man I tell you whut that ole mmh knuckler n whatnot cmon up mmh y’all jus better mmh move on mmh dad gum ole plate man tell ye ole ball jus zip zip zip all slow like n then jus ole WHAM man s whut I’m talkin bout dang ole Red Sox man I tell you whut
We’ve got a roster of sluggers who sound like William F. Buckley by comparison, and English is a foreign language for half of ‘em.

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