Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Mixtape Mojo, Game 1—Are You Ready?

I’m a big believer in things having a proper soundtrack. (It makes me hell to drive with, because I’m constantly fiddling with the radio or the CD player, trying to stage-manage the whole experience.) With the Sox in the World Series, and the anticipation of Game One bubbling in a nervous overflow, I’ve turned my energy once again to mixtapes; music is strong mojo, and mojo (and here I tip my hat to the groovy guys ‘n’ gals on the Sons Of Sam Horn boards) is what Red Sox Nation is all about.

And because I’m a superstitious bastard, I’m gonna post a new mixtape for each game, until the Series ends, one way or another.

Listen here, visit the Podbean page for the track listing. Comments welcome.

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