Thursday, October 25, 2007

Mixtape Mojo, Game 2—Release The Bats!

Mojo in full effect so far, last night’s game early crossing the line between “rout” and “slaughter.” Josh Beckett, of course, is a force of nature—but he had the hitters behind him.

Which is good, because Curt Schilling, a onetime monster on the mound, has never really been the same since wrecking his ankle in 2004. In the wake of that injury, which would have for any other pitcher represented the end of his career if not a lifelong disability, Schill’s been gamely reinventing himself as a trickster—a wolf trying to turn into a fox, trading power for cunning. And he’s done remarkably well, at that. But to win this thing, he’s gonna need the bats behind him.


Listen here, get the tracklisting at the Podbean page, give me some love and think good thoughts for the Olde Towne team.

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