Monday, October 27, 2008


Jeezy creezy fuckmonkeys humpin' a pogo stick. Just when it looked like things were calming down a little...

This blog will be going dim-if-not-dark for a couple of weeks at least, owing to a perfect storm of factors; a crunching deadline, a borked PC and subsequent loss of Internet access on my main machine, and upcoming travel obligations which I can neither confirm nor deny as being related to previously mentioned events.

Very sorry about this. Hope to resume updates by or before Thanksgiving.

All will be revealed in time. And as always, thank you for your reading.

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Aalap said...

Hey Jack,
I'm a journalist from Mumbai, India, who is pretty hooked on to your Friday fiction series, The Honeythief. I plan to start some serious writing soon, and your characters and way the narrative unfolds is really inspiring. And most importantly, your writing doesn't seem pretentious.
Cheers man,