Friday, November 21, 2008

After The Gold Rush

I am returned from a deeply weird trip to California. I am bound—by honor, as well as by legally-enforceable documents—to say nothing of its purpose or outcomes for the moment. I will be blogging the whole experience, though, at a later date—although I will do so at a venue you're not expecting.

Or maybe you are. I wouldn't put it past you; you're a very clever lot, you are.

Anyway: a big shout-out to my many new acquaintances of the last few days, all of whom were, without exception, funny, charming, easy on the eyes, and pleasant company to boot. If you follow me here, be sure to say hello.

Everybody else: Normal service, such as it is, will return shortly.

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Grant said...

Hey, look:

They're open again.

You still interested in Our Beloved Revolutionary...?