Friday, February 13, 2009

Lightning Strikes (Not Once But Twice)

Two-count-‘em-two pieces up at Popdose today. In the first, I fill in for sidelined Popdose Editor-in-Chief Jeff Giles to curate the Weekly Mixtape. In honor of Valentine’s Day, we contrast the painful confusion of Love Gone Wrong with the blissful confusion of Love Gone Right, and try to determine which one will fuck you up more. Tunes by Farrenheit, The Persuaders, Not Drowning Waving, Broken Spindles, Maria McKee, and the proverbial many more. Plus: Evan Rachel Wood sings!

And in How Bad Can It Be?, we examine the perils of forcing your fictional heroes to conform to your political philosophy, especially when your fictional hero is The Batman and your political philosophy is Being A Selfish Prick.

I love that Jeff created a “Ludwig von Mises” tag especially for this post. Yeah, that one’s gonna get a lot of use.

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