Sunday, February 08, 2009

You Was Gone

Friend, I know your pain. I know the aching hunger and emptiness inside you as you cry out: “Where,” (you cry out) “O where in all this vast Internet is there a place where I can join in a contentious debate stemming from one man’s ill-considered comments on the subject of Hee Haw?”

We have heard you. And your search is at an end.

It kills me that, of all my Popdose columns so far, this one—which I initially regarded as shooting fish in a barrel—has generated the most comments. Kills me in a good way; but still.

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Grant said...

Funny - I just watched an old videotape of HeeHaw (literally inherited from a deceased uncle) and was surprised at how *entertaining* it was.

The feeling I got was of a vaudeville show, or some relic of live entertainment. The comedy seemed stupid and strained and *intentionally bad* because (I thought) they were either struggling to do something to fill time while the musical acts changed... or making it *look* like they were.

Not so much Laugh-In as The Muppet Show.

Admittedly, the episodes I saw didn't trade in on dumb gay jokes, so I wasn't cringing too much. Groaning, a little.