Friday, June 26, 2009

You Just Want To Be Starting Somethin’

Late column this week, pushed back to 6:00 PM EST ny Popdose’s rolling coverage of l’affaire Jackson. It’s a connoisseur’s choice this time around—a selection of fightstarters: the empty provocations with which I’ve been stinkin’ up the Internet for nigh on these ten years, now.

Last week’s column was apparently a bit of a fightstarter itself, prompting as it did a heated e-mail from Atoosa’s husband to my editor, conveying in no uncertain terms how upset and angry she and he were over my tone and tactics. The only logical follow-up, of course, is to ask them for an interview.

I have my thoughts and opinions on the passing of Michael Jackson, of course; but I do not need to share them with you just now. You’re probably better off for that, to be honest.

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