Friday, September 18, 2009

Dese Dem ‘Dose

This week reviewing One Eskimo, who are either the poor man’s Dido or the gaspingly-impoverished man Gorillaz, depending on your perspective. Follow link to see how that makes sense

Last week I had a whack at Delgo, which … man. Not every box-office flop is actually a bad movie; not every bad movie is actually poorly made; not every poorly-made movie is actually ugly; and not every underperforming, terrible, poorly-made, ugly movie is actually morally-offensive. But Delgo, man, Delgo … that name looks like a line of command code, doesn’t it? DEL + GO. If I could GO back in time and DEL this movie from existence, I would.

Also last week: You may have noticed that some li’l band called the Beatles were getting a lot of ink and pixels last Wednesday. In case you missed it, seven or eight of us at Popdose did a tag-team review of all fourteen remasters, our takes on individual records all stitched together into one massive meta-feature. I was and remain ridiculously pleased with how the final article came out; we didn’t consult with each other on our individual pieces, but the handoffs and flow are wonderfully smooth and the piece seems to speak with a unified voice, albeit one that encompasses many viewpoints. I had a great time being part of it. As I told the ‘dose crew in an e-mail, this is the best band I’ve ever been in, and this was a particularly hot night. Check it if you can.

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