Monday, January 25, 2010

Peace Sells (But Who's Buying?)

How Bad Can It Be? returns, brand new for 2010, with a critical takedown of a most unusual radio play. Sing it, girls!

The column was on hiatus through December and part of November, while I banked my fires, tended to some offline business, and played a lot of Rock Band. Some pieces you may have missed wot had my name on ‘em, since last we spoke:

(Man, there’s nothing that goes stale faster than piping-hot cultural criticism, is there? From this remove, it’s hard to believe that anybody ever gave two shits about Dan Brown and his book. Ah, those were more innocent times, those heady days of, oh, three months ago.)

Also a freestanding piece on the terrifying music of Mr. John Cale for Hallowe’en, and contributions to the Popdose Army’s decade-end roundups of film, albums, and songs.

Had a couple pieces in the new, improved Saturday Evening Post, too, including a personal reminiscence that I hope marks the last time I’ll have to tell the tale, and a cover story that’s garnered me some hate mail from the wingnut right, so I know I must be doing a good job.

So hey. How you doin’?

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